Mrs Abimbola Osuchukwu Chartered Accountant

Mrs Abimbola Osuchukwu is a chartered Accountant, chartered banker, a chartered Taxation practitioner, A trainer and a Business strategist. She speaks on “Harnessing the strength in positive Networking to Grow your own Business”.

Rt Hon Bamikole Oladele Babs Distinguished Speaker of the African Youth Parliament.

He is widely travelled and has pushed for the youth agenda of all inclusion in politics and business. He speaks on “Engaging the Government in Implementing Policies that promote the Ease of Establishing start up Businesses across the African continent in promotion of jobs and wealth creation.
Mr. Abudallahi sulaiman

Mr. Abudallahi sulaiman is the Director General Coalition of Northern States chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture. He speaks on the role of the Chambers of Commerce in the Organized private sectors towards emerging Economies. Join the conversation at the 2019 ROWEAD CONFERENCE.
Amaka chukwudum Unrepentant Farmer

Amaka chukwudum, Founder/CEO of Amicable Mondale Agribusiness, a former top Banker but now an Unrepentant Farmer. She speaks on Organic farming: A more Sustainable Approach towards Empowering and Building a Healthy Society. Join Amaka as she gives a master class on how to be ORGANICALLY WEALTHY at the 2019 ROWEAD CONFERENCE.
Dr Kennedy Okonkwo Founder/CEO of NEDMOAKS

Dr Kennedy Okonkwo. A Distinguished Honorary Doctor of Science in Estate Development and Corporate Governance from EUROPEAN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY. Founder/CEO of NEDMOAKS/VICTORIA CREST HOMES PROPERTIES. A Receipt of various Global awards in Excellence and recently named as one of the young African Influencers in the Real Estate Business by FORBES AFRICA MAGAZINE. His story to Greatness is that of from GRASS TO GRACE. Through his Life's Journey He takes us down the path of “I CAN DO IT, IF I WILL IT”. Dr Kennedy is the Keynote Speaker of the 2019 ROWEAD CONFERENCE. Let this Intriguing Young Vibrant Real Estate Mogul captivate and Inspire you.

Who We Are


The vision of ROWEAD is to provide learning and experience sharing platforms that arouse the consciousness of the average woman as a change agent.


ROWEAD has a Mission of Igniting the mindset of women with the shared experiences and values of other active and prominent women in business, politics, academia and media within the African continent and beyond.


  • To increase the representation of women in politics, leadership and decision making roles.
  • To demonstrate to women that they should learn to go out there and get it.
  • To answer the question, where do I start?
  • To reduce the issue of gender discrimination in business and politics.
  • To secure the female gender agenda in the democratic process.
  • To prepare women for the expectations within the African political terrain.


“The Role of Women in Emerging African Democracies” (ROWEAD) is a sustainable and viable initiative relevant within the current Nigerian socio-political and economics context. This has the capacity to produce strong female business and political visionary leaders with clear-cut direction to change the Nigerian socio-political and economic landscape, which can be measured by both moral and value driven objectives.


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