Rowead Conference 2018

Date: August 8, 2018

Time: 07:30am - 05:00pm

Location: Nigerian Institute of Internal Affairs, 3/16 Kofo Abayomi, Victoria Island Lagos

Rowead Conference 2018

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Who We Are


The vision of ROWEAD is to provide learning and experience sharing platforms that arouse the consciousness of the average woman as a change agent.


ROWEAD has a Mission of Igniting the mindset of women with the shared experiences and values of other active and prominent women in business, politics, academia and media within the African continent and beyond.


  • To increase the representation of women in politics, leadership and decision making roles.
  • To demonstrate to women that they should learn to go out there and get it.
  • To answer the question, where do I start?
  • To reduce the issue of gender discrimination in business and politics.
  • To secure the female gender agenda in the democratic process.
  • To prepare women for the expectations within the African political terrain.


“The Role of Women in Emerging African Democracies” (ROWEAD) is a sustainable and viable initiative relevant within the current Nigerian socio-political and economics context. This has the capacity to produce strong female business and political visionary leaders with clear-cut direction to change the Nigerian socio-political and economic landscape, which can be measured by both moral and value driven objectives.


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