rowead_bannerThe Role of Women in Emerging African Democracies (ROWEAD) was conceived in December 2013 with a desire to arouse the consciousness of women and their role as change agents in contributing to building strong democracies and democratic values Tin Nigeria and Africa. ROWEAD is the initiative of Women in Education and Leadership Development Society (WIELDS) a not-for-profit organization that now convenes a yearly one-day Conference for women in Nigeria with particular reference to their roles and participation in the building of the Nigerian socio-political and economic structures.

ROWEAD’s strategy is practical in nature, it is a participatory approach characterized by intensive group discussions. The presentations from our identified keynote speakers serve to sensitize women on strategies of how to overcome the challenges existing in their environments. It also creates learning and inspiring opportunities from individuals who have proved that it is possible for women to thrive and excel in leadership and governance.

This approach for driving change is to expose our members and mentees to women leaders who have already began the race, learn from shared experiences and approaches and experience the possibility of being involved in politics and governance leading to a better Africa. It provides opportunities for colloquium and mentorship.

ROWEAD are the visionaries at the frontline of social change as our slogan states, “Be the change agent or become the change”. Our first conference was held on the 23rd of May 2014.

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“The Role of Women in Emerging African Democracies” (ROWEAD) is a sustainable and viable initiative relevant within the current Nigerian socio-political and economics context. This has the capacity to produce strong female business and political visionary leaders with clear-cut direction to change the Nigerian socio-political and economic landscape, which can be measured by both moral and value driven objectives.

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Arousing the consciousness of the average emerging African woman as a change agent in the various emerging  African Democratic processes.


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