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Superwoman: Time Her Kryptonite

Her time is performance driven.

“Angel please could you get me my blue tie, I’m running late for this appointment,” his voice so deep. She calls back from the bathroom, struggling with the toddler who needs to realize that there are others to be taken care of: “Darling please check on the right side of the closet, just very close to your grey suit, the ties are all arranged according to colours.” “Kelvin do you mind packing your school bag, and Jenny put out two plates for you and your brother’s breakfast, am sure the porridge is ready. Let me wipe this little one dry and I’ll quickly dish your meals.” “Darling tea or coffee? Jenny put out that kettle else the buzz will send the dog barking nonstop!”

He swears under his breath, “ I wonder how this woman manages us all, and to think my tie has been staring back at me the whole time and I still needed her to point it out to me.”

I also just wonder.

This is the story of the woman at home often referred to as a housewife, homemaker, and home manager. We all assume she has all the time in the world, and yet the truth is, she has no time at all. Twenty-four hours isn’t even enough for her.

So, on this bright morning Angel wakes up by 4 a.m., as her body is tuned to this wakeup time, she doesn’t need an alarm. She quickly gets on her knees in thanksgiving to God for the gift of a new day and the blessings it will bring, at the same time asking God to bless and protect her children and husband. As she rises from prayer, she quickly kneels back realizing she hadn’t even asked for the strength to pull through the day as caring for everyone falls on her shoulders. With a quick request done, she stretches her body and dashes to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone.

A glance at the wall clock show the time to be 4.45 a.m. She then dashes into the bathroom to freshen up. She reemerges to the whistling of the kettle announcing the water’s readiness for use. Angel quickly pours the water into the flask, and lays out the tea cups, and the containers for tea, coffee, sugar and cream for her husband. That done, she wakes the children up, shouting out orders and warnings that sleeping more than necessary will only lead to lateness to school.

The children are then up and about brushing, bathing and calling out “Mum I can’t find my hair brush, Mum I can’t find my shoes, Mum I’m done where is my breakfast, Mum junior has just stained my skirt with body lotion.” The husband is not left out, honey I can’t find my socks, honey please pour a cup of tea for me. Mum. Honey. Mum. Honey. She excellently carries on in silence, not shaken by all the demands on her that must be met speedily so that no greater problem is created. She multitasks and helps each member of her household get their needs sorted out. SUPERWOMAN.

As the chaotic morning gradually winds up with husband off to work and the last child dropped off at school, a smile begins to spread across her lips in the knowledge of heading home to have a quick nap before it’s time for school runs again. In this sweet feeling, she envisions a quiet house, peaceful alone-time, legs stretched out on the couch with a cup of tea and a nice fashion magazine to help her relax and just as well catch up on the latest gist and fashion of the season.

But, she gets home and is quickly reminded by the state of the house of so many chores to be attended to: the clothes to be sorted and washed, the dishes and kitchen need cleaning, the rooms need tiding, and some budgets need to be sorted out on the computer.

Angel completely engrossed in her chores is jolted by the ringing doorbell. The delivery man greets, “Good afternoon Ma.” With eyes wide open she asks, “Afternoon already?” It is past 12 noon – just thirty minutes to pick the kids up from school! She signs and takes her delivery, and rushes to the kitchen to bring out food items to prepare a quick meal for the children. As the pasta boils, the chicken stew bowl is thrown into the microwave for a quick defrost. With the food ready, she grabs the car keys, driving off before her neighbour can get a chance to say good afternoon.

The children back home, she quickly puts away their uniforms and bags in readiness for another day. The children are then cleaned up and sited at the table for lunch. Lunch over, she settles the children down to do their homework. Mum as always is there to supervise.

“Okay children good job. Let’s go take a bath and get ready for dinner and bed.” Early to bed and early to rise, the children all giggled out to her. As the kids are bathing, she quickly pulls out food stuff for dinner before her husband gets home.

Just as she’s putting down the pot from the cooker, screams come from the sitting room, “Daddy is home, Daddy is home!” She quickly wipes the sweat off her face and cleans her hands. Going into the sitting room, she greets her husband with a smile and a hug, simultaneously undoing his tie with tired hands and asking about his day. With a yawn he greets her and ask for his dinner. She smiles, “Dear, you go freshen up and dinner will be served.” What a SUPERWOMAN.

Dinner is over, the cleaning is done, and the children are nicely tucked into bed. Angel picks her phone to see a thousand and one Facebook messages. But just as she begins to comment and like, he calls out “Angel dear are you coming to bed. I have an early start tomorrow.” “Okay dear will join you in a moment,” she replies. With a stretch she gets up, puts out the lights and goes to meet her love in the bedroom where her duties as a wife and companion continues.

Such a super woman, whose time is her weakness, but she has to bear all knowing that a lapse in any one of the responsibilities will mess up the balance the things. Every performance is time bound, each one must be met as and when due.

I salute you SUPERWOMAN.

Thank you for hanging here with me. Till I write again I love you for reading.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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